Nepal Accounting Standards for Micro Entities (NAS for MEs) 2018

Introduction to NAS for MEs
Section 1: Intended Scope of this Standard
Section 2: Concepts and Pervasive Principles
Section 3: Financial Statement Presentation
Section 4: Statement of Financial Position
Section 5:  Statement of Income 
Section 6: Statement of Changes in Equity 
Section 7: Statement of Cash Flows
Section 8: Notes to the Financial Statements
Section 9: Accounting Policies, Estimates and Errors
Section 10: Financial Instruments
Section 11: Inventories
Section 12: Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE)
Section 13: Leases
Section 14: Provisions and Contingencies
Section 15: Equity
Section 16: Revenue
Section 17: Government Grants
Section 18: Borrowing Costs
Section 19: Impairment of Assets
Section 20: Employee Benefits
Section 21: Income Tax
Section 22: Foreign Currency Translation
Section 23: Events after the End of the Reporting Period
Section 24: Related Party Disclosures
Section 25: Transition to the NAS for MEs
Model Financial Statements for MEs
Statement of Financial Position 
Statement of Income 
Statement of Changes in Equity 
Statement of Cash Flows 
Significant Accounting Policies and Notes to Accounts 
Explanatory Notes 
Appendix A : Effective Date & Transition 



Effective Date of NAS for MEs 2018
Voluntary Compliance : Till 2080 Ashadh end
Mandatory Compliance : From 2080 Shrawan 01


Book of NAS for MEs has been published click on the following link for detail:

NAS for MEs 2018